BlockBasin is a tokenized marketplace for commercial real estate debt.

Powered by Ethereum and the ERC-1155 Standard

What We Do

Our Platform

Invest in debt that is secured by income verified real estate.

Research new opportunities

Trade your ownership through a multitude of disposition options.

Real estate transacting has been a lengthy process because of outdated due diligence standards—until now. Imagine a due diligence process that allows investors to accurately verify information in a fraction of the time, while providing complete transparency from beginning to end.




BlockBasin works with token issuers to distribute their tokens to accredited investors.



BlockBasin provides best in class token servicing, capital management and transparency, and real time credit monitoring on all collateral. 

Due Diligence


 We offer a blockchain enabled due diligence management system to ensure maximum security across all investments. We hash each individual document and then post to the blockchain ecosystem—this prevents issuers from tampering with documents in any way.




BlockBasin works directly with reputable token providers to advertise and distribute said tokens to accredited investors.  The creation of security tokens and security token trading platforms will democratize how real estate is financed.


We advertise commercial offerings and allow accredited investors to view the collateral that each token is backed by. 


BlockBasin users acquire tokens directly from our website and store tokens in their wallet. Real estate token investors can now transact on a trusted platform that offers full transparency across all investments. 


Revenue Verification

BlockBasin provides real time credit monitoring using bank aggregation data. 


BlockBasin provides a wallet function for investors to store their tokens.


BlockBasin will provide quarterly reports to investors through a live dashboard function. 

Due Diligence Management

Cloud Storage

BlockBasin stores the due diligence through the life of the loan. 


BlockBasin will work with Factom Inc. to hash individual documents. 

Secondary Trading

Trading your tokens on secondary markets will require the new investors to gain access to the due diligence. BlockBasin will grant access to secondary investors.



Anthony Gaitan, Founder & CEO


Anthony spent 7 years at Ten-X (formerly as Vice President of the business development division driving commercial sales volume to over $1BB annually. Prior to Ten-X, Anthony worked in commercial real estate finance underwriting and originating loans at Johnson Capital Group. 

 As an early seed investor in Factom, Inc. and innovator in online real estate transactions, Anthony found himself in a unique position in the marketplace. He recognized blockchain technology’s keen ability to record and secure data, presenting an opportunity to propel deal making to new heights. And just like that, BlockBasin was born. 

Anthony holds a B.A. from the University of California, Irvine.


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